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Alisaxni is the artistic pseudonym of the painter Noni Tavla from Greece. Noni is a self-taught painter. She was born in Athens on 28 May 1984. Being the daughter of a harbor official, she grew up by the sea filled with inspiration for her. She has been living at Adikira Viotias for last few years, a town 170km far from Athens.

She presented her first individual painting exhibition in June 2011. Since then, another five individual as well as plenty of collective exhibitions have followed.

Her works of art are not only based on personal moments but also on moments of people close to her. Her artistic pseudonym have been inspired by the poet Odysseus Elitis and more specifically by the sea, which is the poet’s favorite resource.

In conclusion, I would like to advise young children, to stick to their dreams and ambitions and never give up.If you feel that you are of worth don’t hesitate,pursue what you deserve in life.

Hard times do exist, but they don’t last for ever.They come and go. Skill develops only after painful effort has been made.Don’t cry to give up,cry only to try. It is a must to get rid of the losers you live with,if you desire to realize your dreams.







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