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Exclusive Interview with Logan Guleff – Winner of MasterChef Junior


Logan Guleff became winner of the national television show called MasterChef Junior on FOX in December 2014. MasterChef Junior is a culinary competition series that gives talented kids between the ages of eight and 13 the chance to showcase their culinary abilities and passion for food through a series of challenges. Out of 20,000 applicants, Logan cooked his way and earned the title of MasterChef Junior.

TIMES OF YOUTH: For those who do not know you, could you describe yourself and your work in brief?

LOGAN GULEFF: Hi, I am Logan Guleff, premier teen chef. I started cooking when I was really little and then entered some cooking contests. I did really well, and won some good prizes. Then I tried out for Masterchef Junior to meet my idol Gordon Ramsay. I won the show which was a bit unexpected. I went on to cook at crazy places like The James Beard House, Southern Living Magazine and more. I raised money for charities and really just explored my passion food with the support of many chefs.

TIMES OF YOUTH: Can you remember the moment you decided to become a chef – what inspired you and what obstacles did you overcome to achieve your dream?

LOGAN GULEFF: I have always been cooking and never took ‘Cheffing’ as a joke. I had kiddie aprons but I never put on a chef coat even though I really wanted to be a chef until Gordon Ramsay gave it to me. I mean ‘chef’ is an earned title and I wanted to earn it! I guess the obstacles start small, like just having strength and stamina to cook, to getting respect from adults in the field, to being seen as a visionary and equal. I always believe in myself and my abilities, so I just always try my best. It is on me to achieve my dreams at the end of the day as I am the one responsible.

Logan MasterChef Junior Winner Interview on Times of Youth

TIMES OF YOUTH: How did your ‘Master Chef’ experience influence your kitchen abilities? What has specifically improved since then?

LOGAN GULEFF: I was really confident in my skills and creative ability. Sometimes it is easier to not know what you don’t know. But I have learned so much from sourcing ingredients, to pricing out a meal. I have grown so much since I was 11. I just can’t list it all.

TIMES OF YOUTH: What has been your most delicious recipe ever?

LOGAN GULEFF: The next one I cook. Honestly, my food is always evolving and growing. My best cooking is still ahead of me.

TIMES OF YOUTH: You are constantly a part of variegated food competitions, both as a participant and a judge, which is seemingly an amazing job on your part. Where does all this talent stem from?

LOGAN GULEFF: I don’t know – God, dedication and hard work, my passion and my dreams are all to be given the credit.

Logan MasterChef Junior Winner Interview on Times of Youth

TIMES OF YOUTH: Which cuisine do you favor/relate to the most?

LOGAN GULEFF: I love Japanese food; the time and care they take in preparation of ingredients just always shows in the quality of the food they produce. I was blown away to eat in Japan. Before my visit I only thought it would be the best, and food there did not disappoint definitely.

TIMES OF YOUTH: What do you prefer to do when you’re not cooking?

LOGAN GULEFF: I am an honors student, a photographer, a climber and a video game player. I mean who doesn’t play some video games!

TIMES OF YOUTH: Rapid fire- (One word answers)

Food: Chef

Cooking: Fun

Life: Crazy

Kitchen: Fire

Chef: Employment

TIMES OF YOUTH: You’ve portrayed tremendous culinary potential on varied platforms since a very tender age. How does that make you feel?

LOGAN GULEFF: I just focus on what I am currently working on and chasing my next dream. I don’t really look back at how I got on the road. I just focus on where I want to go!

TIMES OF YOUTH: Which has been the most unforgettable moment/feedback in your scrumptious journey?

LOGAN GULEFF: Oh, wow- I am not sure I have just one- Gordon Ramsay running the line I was cooking on Materchef was a dream come true, eating in Japan was amazing, working with kids at St. Jude just warms my heart!

TIMES OF YOUTH: If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, for dinner, who would they be and why?

LOGAN GULEFF: Hmmm, there’s more than three actually – Gigi Hadid, Clint Eastwood and the Chainsmokers or Tesla , Jairo the sushi master and Millie Bobby Brown.

TIMES OF YOUTH: Tell us about your dreams about ‘Cooking Dreams’ and your thoughts regarding the accolades it has accumulated.

LOGAN GULEFF: I wrote my first book and it was just so much work to make it go from an idea to pages to a book. To get noticed as a good book was an honor, but to win Best First Book in the World was truly a humbling experience! I can’t believe Gourmand Awards noticed how much time and work went into my book and that vote of confidence that I would do another really inspired me. I am so honored.

Logan MasterChef Junior Winner Interview on Times of Youth

TIMES OF YOUTH: How long did it take to develop your own style of cooking, and what advice would you offer to young chefs looking to develop theirs?

LOGAN GULEFF: It has taken me all my life to develop my own style. I have never used recipes or even read them, but now my ideas and concepts come together so much faster and easier. I don’t like to cook the same thing twice. Maybe it is a ‘Zen’ philosophy or just the way I feel or taste the day I cook, but I love to just create magical moments with food.

TIMES OF YOUTH: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

LOGAN GULEFF: Hopefully I am further down the road of my dreams. Maybe finishing college or perhaps exploring remote parts of the world with an open heart and a passport of flavors to continue my food dreams.


For further details & updates you can follow Logan Guleff:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/logan.jr.chef

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoganJuniorChef/

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