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Exclusive Interview with Chef Barret Beyer


Chef Barret Beyer epitomizes new beginnings and change, inspiring millions with his cooking and actions. Chef Barret Beyer is a Long Island native whose passion and dedication has allowed him to excel and succeed in every aspect of his professional and personal development.

TIMES OF YOUTH: For those who do not know you, could you describe yourself and your work in brief?

BARRET BEYER: I am a Veteran of the USCG that has also been through every job one can think of. I give 150% into anything I do, and I accept failure as a platform to perfection. I never give up and I’m always willing to help others.

TIMES OF YOUTH: Has being a former veteran helped you in your culinary expertise, and if so, how?

BARRET BEYER: It absolutely has, because a lot of kitchens work off of a brigade system and that is how the military operates. It also taught me how imperative teamwork is and the need to pay attention to detail.

TIMES OF YOUTH: What has been your most delicious recipe ever?

BARRET BEYER: That’s probably the toughest question ever because I put my heart and passion into every recipe so it’s too hard to choose one.

TIMES OF YOUTH: How did ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ influence your kitchen abilities? What has specifically improved since then?

BARRET BEYER: I would say it helped me with setting a standard for what I would put out of the kitchen. My leadership skills and overall level of professionalism I portray have already significantly improved.

TIMES OF YOUTH: Which cuisine do you favor/relate to the most?

BARRET BEYER: Comfort food.. I love taking traditional dishes from when I was younger and putting my modern, edgy twist to them.

Chef Barret Beyer on Times of Youth

TIMES OF YOUTH: What do you prefer to do when you’re not cooking?

BARRET BEYER: I love spending time with my daughter and going to the gym, and I toss in a little bit of NYC nightlife to finish it off.

TIMES OF YOUTH: Rapid fire-
(One word answers)

Food: Levels
Cooking: Techniques
Life: The secret
Kitchen: Tranquility
Chef: Skill

TIMES OF YOUTH: You’ve portrayed tremendous talent on variegated platforms since all these years of being a ‘Mohawked Chef’. How does that make you feel?

BARRET BEYER: It’s part of my character, and it’s what makes me myself.

TIMES OF YOUTH: Which has been the most unforgettable moment/feedback in your scrumptious journey?

BARRET BEYER: Being that I am very spiritual, I put my heart and soul into 1 bite. I did an event for a few hundred people and I walked out of the kitchen and a gentlemen approached me and said, “excuse me but you are the chef right?” I said yeah, and he said “ you are a spiritual person aren’t you” I said “yeah but how did you know that” he then pointed to his chest and said “ I felt it right here through your food, that you were so connected to it.” This guy blew my mind and at the same time gave me more validation.

TIMES OF YOUTH: If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, for dinner, who would they be and why?

BARRET BEYER: Anthony Bourdain, Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington because they all are masters at what they do and they live how I do by the law of attraction.

TIMES OF YOUTH: You are constantly a part of varied charitable causes which is a seemingly an amazing job on your part. Where does all this stem from?

BARRET BEYER: That’s part of the military in me always trying to help people and make a difference in this world.

Chef Barret Beyer on Times of Youth

TIMES OF YOUTH: What advice would you give to young aspiring chefs via TIMES OF YOUTH?

BARRET BEYER: Always keep an open mind. Try things you never did before. Always be creative. Do it because you love it and not for a paycheck. Be ready to be under payed. Be ready to be judged by 100’s everyday. Be ready to work abnormally long hours. Be ready to feel unappreciated. Most of all, remember why you started & never give up.

TIMES OF YOUTH: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

BARRET BEYER: My ambition is extremely high so to see where I will be in 5 years would be organizing and producing Food festivals across the country a few times a year while consulting at various restaurants and having a food truck or top operating on both coasts.

For anyone who wants to follow his progress or want to know more about his work can add him on: Instagram @ChefBarret & @HKTakeover, Facebook @PalatePirate

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