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I and my passion for arts grew up together. Which helped me discover my love for photography. I started photography when I got my first 5 mega pixel digital camera in 2007, but I started taking keen interest in taking photos when I got my hands on DSLR camera in late 2012. Since then, photography has just become a larger than life thing for me. Now wherever I go, I see things differently and before looking through the viewfinder, I mostly try to make the picture in mind. Photography has also become my career and most of my earning comes from it. Photography means a lot to me. It has taken up most of my life. It helps me see the things that I might have overlooked had I not be a photographer. I can’t imagine going anywhere without the camera.

I enjoy taking all types of photographs be it architecture, landscape, portraiture or the documentary photography – I find myself really fascinated by all of the genres. I can say that Ansel Adams’ amazing work in landscape photography has always inspired me to go out there and shoot the beauty of nature. Along with him Steve Mecurry’s captivating documentation of people’s lives and Ryan Brenizer’s beautiful photographs have a big role in my decision of taking photography as career. I think making up the scene in mind prior clicking the shutter is the most important in getting best out of the subject. This helps understand the subject better.





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