Type: Paid Internship
Location: Burbank California
Duration: September – November/December

An internship at Nickelodeon can launch you on an exciting, fun-filled career in children’s entertainment. When people think about an internship, they envision getting coffee, running errands, and slaving away behind a copy machine where everyone knows you as “The Intern.” Fortunately, there is still hope out there, and that is at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, CA!

Available Position:

Animation Development – Animation Current Series – 2D Animation Productions
CG – Animation Productions – Post Production – Talent Outreach & Development
Talent & Casting – Original Movies – Digital Operations – Archive & Resource Library
Office Services/Facilities – Special Events – Human Resources – Finance
Communications & Publicity – Social Media & Connected Content – Content Relations
TV Production & Technology


Candidates must meet and comply with ALL of the criteria below to be eligible for any Viacom Internship Program:
  • Internships are paid at a standard competitive hourly rate of $10/hour (California).
  • Proper work authorization is needed to be employed within the United States.
  • Interns must be available for a minimum of 10 weeks. An extension may be requested by the department following the 10 weeks, but may not overlap with the next internship semester.
  • Interns must be available to work a minimum of two full days per week (16 hours), but some departments may require more than two days. Interns may work no more than 35 hours per week.
  • Internships are open to current, matriculated college juniors, seniors, and recent grads. All applicants must be enrolled in an accredited, degree-granting college/university. Graduate students, MBA candidates, and law school students also accepted.
  • Upon acceptance, they will require a letter from your college/university confirming you are a matriculated junior, senior, graduate student or law student. Failure to provide this letter at orientation may result in dismissal for the program.
  • College credit is not required, but they will provide appropriate documentation if necessary and upon request.
Deadline: June 1, 2016

To Apply Visit the Offcial Page:

Link 1>>
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