My name is Joerg Heitz, I studied graphic design and am currently living in South Germany. I'm also a member of the Abstract Art Academy (a worldwide union of people interested in publishing art to a greater audience.

As graphic designer and artist, I was inspired by Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock as well as graffiti artist and realistic portrait painting of all kinds. Despite of that I'm also interested in music.

With the creation of my current series I connected those two passions of mine through painting musicians and personalities who embossed me in my own musical career.

My message to today's youth: Do your thing with respect, dignity, diversity, concentration, happiness and love. Don't believe in everything a master is telling you, he might be unaware as well. But save everything which is bringing you further. Because it might help you with your career  and always listen to your heart and the art while flow through your veins.

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