Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, art was a hobby for me until it turned out to be my full time freelance profession.  Following my inner instinct, I quit my job of 2 years in a pharmaceutical company and decided to devote my time and life to art irrespective of whether it will give me monetary satisfaction or not.

I like to try my hand at different areas and mediums like oil painting, acrylic painting, soft pastels, water colors, charcoal paintings, etc. I can do figurative, landscapes, abstract and portraits. Till now I have done infinite number of commissioned charcoal portrait sketches. Also many of my own creative works has been sold to art lovers  internationally. Till now I haven't been a part of any exhibitions but will soon plan to exhibit my art to the masses.

As I don't plan and paint, l don't know what will I be painting next. I haven't done any exhibitions yet. Till now Facebook and Instagram are my platforms to make my art visible to the world. My message is that always listen to your heart as I will never suggest you anything wrong. Also be strong enough to believe in yourself and more stronger to make others believe in you. Respect people around you and love nature.

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