My name is Henrie Snyman, I am a automotive photographer from South Africa. I live and breath car photography. I started taking photos of cars when I was a teenager but never thought of it as a profession. After school I went to study graphic design and one of the compulsory subjects was photography. This was where I learned most of the technical skills of photography. I did my internship with a music video company while studying but kept at shooting cars. I built up a portfolio part time and hassled pro photographer for tips and assisting opportunities. This was where the biggest brake through happened and I am still very grateful for the hand up they gave me.

My work has been featured around the world by manufactures social platform and I am currently shooting for two local car magazines. I am currently working on a personal project with the Mercedes AMG GT S that was supplied by Mercedes South Africa. My advice for the youth of today would be to follow your passion because that is what comes natural to you. Find a way to make a living out of it. It might be tough but in the the long run it will be a rewarding life.

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