I am a 22 year old guy and I've always lived in Padua, an Italian city near Venice. I never undertook art studies, I’ve studied in Scientific high school and after I had to choose who I wanted to be, so I tried the test of entry to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, after being admitted, I decided to take the road of design, without leaving my passion for drawing that I had since I was a child. In June 2014, however, I could not wait any longer and decided to paint and since then I have not stopped. In my work, I try to improve the quality of life around me, making the other person happier with my paintings. In fact, before I finish the paintings I ask the subject to finish the work with one final brush stroke made by her/him. In my work I use mainly primary colors, for everyone, because we are all equal, then I wonder what color is the soul of who I paint, and there the people are extremely precise (for example, they not just say green, but say green forest, green leaf etc.), so in the final brush stroke they use them, because if the portrait is beautiful, its thankfully due to the subject, to the person him/herself. In fact, if the people wouldn’t exist all this beauty wouldn’t be around us.

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