"I am a conceptual photographer and digital artist from Croatia. Inspired by sci-fi and fantasy environments as well as experimental music I enjoy creating strange surroundings and atmospheres filled with mysterious events and characters. My motives are sometimes dark and gloomy and often present dreamlike ambients and monstrous creatures. I personify them with my state of consciousness, inner conflicts and dreamy nature. I use photography as a main tool for my artworks, although I often combines it with other digital techniques. My work consists of specific photographic fragments which are combined into complex montage until I gets a realistic scenery.

I find inspiration in my surroundings as well as my vivid dreams and I love to give them surreal meanings. I love to present daydreaming in a realistic manner, through genuine photographic textures and authentic components. My work has been featured in many publications and magazines and exhibited in several group exhibitions. I am currently working on her "Nesting Ground" and "Impeller" series as well as some other individual personal projects.

I developed my way of work after many hours of experimentation and I always love to incorporate something new, so my advice would be to experiment with techniques and things you like about art or photography, until you find something you will stick to and develop your style and way of work."

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NikolinaPetolas
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