My name is Mirza Cosic 1978 and I com from Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently living in Zurich (Swiss) I work as security guards in a club (Hive) and photo deal since 2011 According to me photography is Primarily a break from everyday life, then the realization of something creative
My favorite photographers well, and there are like Mr. Pavel Kaplun,Karl Taylor, Benjamin J,Sulejman Muratovic, Adnan Bubalo, Maja Topcagic. What are in any case influenced to learn from their photos. How are they affected and mostly indirectly, looking down, their work is their beautiful photos. For a good photo is the most important you have good time, especially if you're out there for me it is important to have a cloud to be a little more dramatic. As for the portraits is very important story, and getting to know the photo model. Each photograph is a very different story.


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