My name is Fatima Hadi and I am from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I am 16 years old and have been drawing since as long as I can remember. I started to draw as a very young child and as my drawings started to improve from abstract fish and worms to fine sketches and paintings, it became very clear that art was something that I really had a mind for and that I would continue drawing and pursue it as a profession.

I have never got a chance to study art as a subject and so at the moment I am a science student. However, I still manage to take out time from the studies to draw and follow my passion. I am currently running a successful art page on facebook with the name "Mr.Artist" where I post my artwork and do commissions. Also my artwork is displayed on my Instagram page "Mr.artist_16" and on my Touch-talent page "Mr.artist" where my artwork was also chosen as the Editor's pick.
Most of my artwork are sketches and are spreading the message of originality and beauty in people, and how everyone is unique and special in their own way. My work mostly comprises of sketches of elderly people because i have always found there faces the most expressive and beautiful.
My journey till here has been long and there have been several bumps on the way. But thanks to the support of my parents and some great friends, everything became possible.

I am planning to continue drawing and spreading my message to people and show them how they are all so special. I am also hoping to start programs to support artists who are struggling because of any reason and promote art to make it an equally important part of education as any other subject. Hopefully my artwork will keep on inspiring people.

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