My name is Saleha, mostly known as Sal in short. I am currently doing my BFA from the renowned National College of Arts, Rawalpindi branch. 

Even though I started drawing from a very young age, I never really acknowledged my own fascination with arts until I came in the medical field. I hated the rigid, factual field even though I do like science. It was hard to ensure my parents that I could flourish in arts, because despite having adequate talent, Pakistani society does not consider arts an honorable subject. After struggling through a lot of stuff, I did end up in an arts college.

I'm an avid reader. Always have been. I read almost every genre, and every form of writing there is. I usually get inspired from the stories I read. My major is Printmaking, and I'm a self-taught digital artist.

I'm a freelance graphics designer, a writer and a cartoonist. Recently I've been working with the Youth organisation, Revolution Flame. I'm also working with the literary group, Daastan.

My upcoming projects include my own graphic novel, or a manga. It hasn't been official yet. Apart from that, I plan to drink a lot of coffee, think up new stories to write, and aim to reach out to people who have been stuck somewhere else instead of where they belong, like I was.

To the youth of today: Don't give up. The world will be against you, try to hinder you from your goals. But there will always be good people out there who'll support you. Look for them. And for those who are in the arts field: practice. Practice a lot. It will get you to amazing places.

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