I am Erum, usually known by my nickname 'Emotemo'. I am 19 and doing my bachelors in Painting from UCAD, Lahore.

I started sketching or you can say doodling at a very early age when I didn't even know what I was supposed to do with a pencil. My passion got stronger when I got into college. So, I decided to go to an Art University no matter what happens. I had to convince my father the hard way. It's been a tough journey because it's not easily accepted here, in this country, to go for studying art. But I'm glad I made it.

My work is usually in colored pencils, my favorite medium. I like drawing/painting portraits. Now I've started doing figure drawing, still life, landscapes as well. I'll be trying a lot of mediums which I had never worked with before, including oil paints as I am doing my BFA in "Painting". So, stay tuned for that.

Also, in a few years, I may be taking orders from people or make an art studio of my own, who knows! But no matter what happens, I'll never leave art, for sure.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/emotemo1
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