Times of Youth May 23, 2015
I am Ruba Ilyas from Pakistan. I'm 20. Basically I'm studying fashion designing; drawing is my passion and I've been doing it since my childhood. I haven't learnt it from any one. I always observed artworks and tried to do that. I love taking inspirations and references from several artists. It helps me progress. What I believe is, a person is always a learner. I'm quite good at fashion illustrations, too. My favorite medium is color pencils. To me, usage of the medium is more important than a brand of the medium.

About achievements, I want to say that I haven't exhibited my work formally anywhere, honestly, but I m going to exhibit very soon. My aim is to draw hyper realistic drawings some day. Its sort of my goal and I know I can do this someday and I totally believe in myself. In the end, I want to say to the young people out there that never ever degrade yourself in front of anyone. Respect yourself first and the world will follow.


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