Times of Youth May 19, 2015
My Name is Muhammad Ashraf Akbar, from Pakistan, I was born in Saudi Arabia on 24 Dec, 1982 and spent 21 years in Riyadh. I was a student of commerce but I always liked Cartoons, comics and games. As a teenager, I started painting most of the time. I drew my favorite cartoons and games' characters- TMNT, Captain Tasubasa, Street Fighters, etc. and my class fellows would buy it from me. It was fun. I was also WWE's fan, so my friends asked me to draw WWE wrestlers. So, I start practicing anatomy for the first time but it was difficult in the beginning because I was learning on my own. Then I came Pakistan and here I got internship at Sharp Image and then I met several amazing artists in Pakistan Abdul Samad, Khurram Alavi, Anas , Shahan,Muffadal, Saad Irfan, Noman, Adnan Ali and many more. I learnt from them and worked for Sharp Image for about 9 years, then I moved to Nas films. I'm still working on my skills. Learning is a never ending journey but it's exciting and fun keeps me happy and feeling alive. My parents always encouraged me, I'm so thankful to them and to ALLAH. I'm working on some of my stories related to religion and some of my own interest. In-sha-Allah, I will share it soon. My message to the youth: "Nothing is easy but also at the same time nothing is impossible; keep doing hard work and leave the rest to Allah".

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