Times of Youth May 13, 2015
I am a self-taught artist from Armenia. From the early age, I had a strong fascination for the arts, especially portraiture. I had started my experiments in drawing around 20 years ago. In 2011, encouraged by the inspiring comments of the professional artists, along with my sister, Anaida Hakobyan, we had built a new art brand "Manana11". Our art-works are focused on the human faces. At the same time, we are not trying to achieve photographic likeness, but to express the mood of each character. It's because I believe that human face is a gate to the inner world. What can't be told, can be expressed through a glance. Over a dozen of our works have been published in a number of issues of online and print magazines, such as, "Pink Panther", "Yerevan", appeared on the singles' covers. Currently, we are working on a series of art-works for a new art project. Besides, most probably we will have a co-exhibition this September.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/manana11

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