Lázaro Hurtado | Artwork

Lázaro Hurtado is an argentinian artist currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were he works .Graduate Fine arts “ Bachillerato de Bellas Artes “ affiliated National University of La Plata.
He is more than an artist, he is a thinker. The images he offers us project humanistic messages- the nature of mankind, the possible and the ridiculous. He makes comments about reality and the social forces and orders, but at the same time he demostrates a playful face, ironic in some cases. The transcription of inner alchemies into paintings of surrealist character wakes a curiosity in the viewer. The spectators would often find themselves been tickled by the ideas and concepts on reality and human behavior that he seems to contemplate and rebuild in his mind. The images you see are the working mechanics of a brain on a mind made world. He has also been attending several art conferences and exhibitions across the globe.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/arte.lazaroexpresion

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The need to create and use imagination was very strong in me since I can remember. Always looking differently at usual, everyday things, I never felt quite synchronized with rules and unspoken acceptable behaviour. I finished HS, specialized in Arts and was ready to start college to get a Graphic Design Major. Being able to create and manifest my inner self is great and the flow is very healthy. Nevertheless, the real pleasure for me is genuine creation and the resulting bonds of human empathy, and understanding and reaching people through my expression.