Times of Youth May 10, 2015
Jurgita is a highly creative lady from Elektrenai, Lithuania. She has been living and working in Portugal for 12 years and is currently living in Lisbon. She loves to paint and form dramatic scenes that provoke the imagination. Her work catches attention unexpectedly. If its her, get prepared to be surprised. With Jurgita's taste for strong vibrant colors and shapes, the audience can expect to behold a dramatic extension to abstract art. Her abilities in wood and oils gives her a unique and refreshing style. Her paintings, using all such colors and shapes, trigger the imagination. The onlooker can see ideas and experiences from her life in every painting she creates and everyone will find a unique theme. It has been said that each time you may view one of her works you will see something new!

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/ArtJurgitaPob/1056788644350656
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