I am a believer of true love and such abhorrent thing doesn't exist in my life.
-Taher Shah

Times of Youth: For those who don’t know about you and your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a proud Pakistani and by profession a businessman, Founder and Chief Executive of a Public Limited Company and a passionate vocalist. My passion makes me passionate singer which created my epic 'Eye to Eye debut song.

Times of Youth: What sparked your initial interest in singing and composing? Who/what has been your ideal?

It's a love song for eyes, as I believe true love begins with eyes and then transfers to heart and remained in it forever. Love is my ideal.

Times of Youth: Has your family been supportive of your choice of career?

Family support is always with me.

Times of Youth: If not this, what else would you have taken up as your 2nd career of choice and why?

Actually, my first priority was to be a GDP (General Duty Pilot) in Air Force as childhood dream of mine, but destiny had written something else for me. So I became a businessman and related with shining world of showbiz.

Times of Youth: Your debut song 'Eye to eye' needs no introduction. The song has already received so many critical acclaims and even world records across the globe. How does that make you feel?

I feel more responsible, as you may know that after enormous success of 'Eye to Eye' song till date, it has now reached more than 3 million official hits universally. So fans' expectations are much high from my new projects and with this promise, I will surely and positively make them more happy and satisfied with my upcoming future projects.

Times of Youth: Recently, you received The Prestige Music Award from America for the same song. Tell us more about it.

Winning Prestige Music Award for song's lyrics is a nice honor for my inventive work and as my all earlier accolades (Gold Medal, Three World Records, Achievement Award, Honorable Certificate, Momentum) with song success story listed in UWR book, it will now include this Prestige Award, which I already humbly dedicate to my beloved country and fans, as 'Eye to Eye' song's success belongs to my worldwide fans.

Times of Youth: Did you ever expect, when you recorded this song at first, that you'd get this far?

Yes, very positively I knew even while writing song and believed that it will achieve sky high success, and the same happened as was thought about it. More importantly, people appreciated my invention and admired it, hence I share the song's epic success with my fans as the recognition they give me with their love was a great asset for me. Therefore it’s their right to celebrate the honors this song received. Its happened all because of my fans appreciation and moreover, I believe ultimately all success is by the grace of Almighty God.

Times of Youth: As you claim that 'eye' is the perfect medium for passing on love, yet 'eye' per se is also an intimidating symbol of 'someone' who many people loathe across the world. Your views about this?

I am a believer of true love and such abhorrent thing doesn't exist in my life.

Times of Youth: What do you believe are your key strengths as an entertainment fraternity person?

Humbleness is the strength of my life.

Times of Youth: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself as an artist?

Believing, working hard in silence and letting the success make the noise means real inventive positive hard work and it will always shine. As for me such number game doesn't exist in reality.

Times of Youth: Can you describe a time when your work was criticized? What was your first reaction and how did you cope?

Criticism is the key to execute more positive work and humbleness is the best reply to it.

Times of Youth: Tell us one incident that you experienced as an artist which changed your life/perspective.

To bring more everlasting exemplary remarkable inventive work in media world which can conquer people's hearts  forever.

Times of Youth: What is the first word that comes to your mind when you read the following-

Love: Faith
Parents: Heaven
Work: Dedication
Youth: Responsible
Nation: Patriotic
Life: Happiness

Times of Youth: Things we'd like to know about you-


A clothing brand you're hung up on: Anything decent

You're addicted to: Love

Favorite holiday place: Islamabad, Murree, London, NYC, Amsterdam, Venice, Milan, etc.

Love or money: Of course 'Love'.

Western music or Traditional music: Both


Fragrance you wear often: Depends on occasion

Favorite dressing style: Decent blazer

Oldest item in your closet?: Childhood Snaps

A thing of extravagance: Nothing Special


What makes you extremely happy?: Simplicity

Best de-stressor: Silence

If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be: Nothing

Times of Youth: We heard that you want to launch TV channel in future. What sort of channel are you looking forward to?

An entertainment TV channel

Times of Youth: Are there any other dreams that you hold very dear to your heart, which you'd like to conquer before the end of your time?

I have a desire to work for humanity and its related noble cause.

Times of Youth: Using your amazing skills, how do you plan to bring a rational & practical change in the world?

Only with love, we can bring a change in the world.

Times of Youth: Any message to your followers via Times of Youth?

'MY FANS ARE MY REAL SOUL' and love is a symbol of life.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how fans and followers can contact you to share their appreciation/feedback/suggestions.

Contact me at- eyetoeye@tahershah.com or it.manager@tahershah.com
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