You know few years ago, I used to read other entertainers' interviews and other info on Google, Wikipedia, Facebook etc. Today I am being interviewed. The point of telling you guys this is dream big, never give up and fight for your self.
-Furqan Shayk

Times of Youth: Do tell us a little about yourself for those who may not know about you or your work.

Furqan Shayk: Hey, My name is Furqan Shayk and I make small vines and I try to do comedy skits on YouTube and Facebook in hope that it will make people laugh and I think I kind of succeed sometimes.

Times of Youth: If you weren't an entertainer, what would you rather be?

Furqan Shayk: I am sure I would be a cricketer, but I know my goal would be to serve the nation.

Times of Youth: Has making fun of others ever backfired for you?

Furqan Shayk: I have never made fun of anyone or targeted people when I'm making fun of a group. That's what I believe when I create any content. I try to make sure I don't hurt anyone’s race or feeling.

Times of Youth: Who's sense of humor have you admired the most in your life?

Furqan Shayk: My Mamu’s (Maternal uncle's) and my father's. I mean they are the funniest people I know in real life.

Times of Youth: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself as an entertainer, honestly?

Furqan Shayk: If I say 10, I will sound cocky and over confident, so I cannot really rate myself as an entertainer. I will let audiences do it for me. Its they who laugh at my jokes, not me laughing at my own jokes.

Times of Youth: Tell us one quote which you hold very dear to your heart.

Furqan Shayk: Respect all, fear none.

Times of Youth: Is there any piece of advice which you wished someone would have given you at the start of your career? And what should it have been?

Furqan Shayk: 'Just ignore what others say', I wish someone would have said it to me.

Times of Youth: What makes your day? And what spoils it?

Furqan Shayk: Food makes my day; if its tasty, I am happy. When someone shouts at me or treats me like crap, it really spoils my day and mood.

Times of Youth: In this fast paced world, with all the craziness and work loads, how do you de-stress?

Furqan Shayk: Whenever I feel stressed or bad, I go out for a walk. Few blocks away from my home there is a grave yard, I sit right outside of it and I tell myself you will come here one day and that day time can come anytime, so you don't have time. So, breathe some fresh air, go back and fight.

Things we'd like to know about you-


A clothing brand you're hung up on: None. I really don't care about brands. If it looks good on me, I get it. Doesn't really matter for me if its CK or VANS.
You're addicted to: Skateboarding. If the sun is out, you will find me at skatepark.
Favorite holiday place: Portugal. I love beaches and water sports.
Love or money: None.
Western music or Traditional music: Traditional.


Fragrance you wear often: CK One Summer.
Favorite dressing style: Skater style.
Oldest item in your closet?: My Sherwani from 1st grade.
A thing of extravagance: Watches.


Most native thing about you: Eating style.
What makes you extremely happy?: Food.
The most funny thing about you: Pronunciation.
Best de-stressor: Cold wind on top of some building.

Times of Youth: Which projects of yours are you most proud about?

Furqan Shayk: I am really proud about one of my collaborative work regarding water wastage which went really viral and got upto 10 million views and still counting. It also got featured in Huffington post. I think there are more projects which I am very proud of but they haven't been uploaded or public can see them eg. regarding electricity waste and crime.

Times of Youth: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Furqan Shayk: Man proposes, God disposes. In 5 years, I don't know where my life takes me. 2 years ago I didn't know where my life will be. I planned something and something else happened right after 2 years but here i am today with 500k amazing fan following, So can't really say anything, Yes I do have goals in my life- 1. To be a rapper; 2. Film actor.

Times of Youth: If you'd be given an opportunity to meet any one person in the world, who would it be? And why?

Furqan Shayk: I would like to meet Moin Akhtar, because he was and still is one of the best comic and entertainer of our country.

Times of Youth: Any message to your fans or followers via Times Of Youth?

Furqan Shayk: You know few years ago, I used to read other entertainers' interviews and other info on Google, Wikipedia, Facebook etc. Today I am being interviewed. The point of telling you guys this is dream big, never give up and fight for your self.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how can fans contact you to share their comment/suggestions/feedback.

Furqan Shayk: You guys can easily contact me via my Facebook fan page or simply message me.
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