The pro-life movement has long pointed out that abortion is used to cover up cases of rape or incest and a horrific story out of Egypt proves the point. According to a local news report, police have arrested a father who reportedly raped and impregnated his daughter and then took her to an abortion clinic to force her to have an abortion. Following the forced abortion, the man’s wife reported him to authoritieswheb vital signs of pregnancy were visible on the innocent.
Arabic language daily ‘Al Youm Al Sabei’ said the father fled and hid in another village. An Egyptian father impregnated his 17-year-old daughter after raping her many times over the past months, before forcing her to have an abortion. Police arrested the man in Minya province, nearly 245km south of the capital Cairo, after his brother reported that he forced the girl to have an abortion at a private clinic in a remote village. Hearing this, his wife pleaded for divorce and he's arrested. He further confessed that he was compulsed to do it because his wife would not give him sexual pleasure. This certainly is the call for the dooms day for when God has said that people will forget their moral values.

This person misused the angelic relationship of father/daughter. And certainly deserves to die a painful death.

by Wajeeha Naeem (Pakistan)
The City School
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