December 08, 2017

Muniba Mazari is lovingly referred to as the Iron Lady of Pakistan. And for all the right reasons.

Taking to social media, Noreen Shams (Pakistani squash athlete) wrote, "I am 20 year old today. So were you yesterday. Your life changed a year after 20 and my life changed when I was just 11. Though I never knew you while growing up. When I started knowing you I saw my older self in you. Chasing my dreams and making my ways through every possible way I could. I saw it in you and I could feel that energy. “DAMN THAT IS SO ME” said I every time I saw you. You do not drag yourself only but others too on the road of success. You were boundless. You reminded me of my eldest sister who broke all the norms and made ways riding in her wheel chair and making ways for others. “DAMN SHE IS SO LIKE SAIRA” said I every time I saw you doing that."

Times of Youth

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